Brew Guide: Filter Coffee

Brew Guide: Filter Coffee

This brew guide will take you through how to make the perfect filter coffee.  We are using the Inishfree a light roast blend which is amazing! 

Step 1: If you own a grinder, your process begins here. If not, fear not - you can utilise pre-ground coffee instead.

Step 2: Measure out a precise 20 grams of your preferred coffee, alongside 333 grams of water. The ratio should be 60 grams of coffee per litre of water.

Step 3: If you're utilising a grinder, aim for a medium-fine grind for the best results.

Step 4: Prepare your brewer. Position a filter paper securely within the funnel.

Step 5: Pre-soak the filter to eradicate any residual paper flavour. Meanwhile, use the water to warm your cup.

Step 6: Gently place your ground coffee onto the filter paper, ensuring to lightly shake it to evenly distribute and level out the coffee.

Step 7: Now, bloom - pour water sparingly, just over double the weight of the coffee, to allow gasses to escape.

Step 8: Proceed to the second pour, utilising half of the water's weight (between 150-160g), pouring delicately in circles to ensure the coffee becomes fully saturated.

Step 9: For the third pour, bring up the water measurement to 333 grams. Give it a gentle spin to confirm no coffee is sticking to the sides, ensuring even distribution.

Step 10: Remove the filter paper, pour your freshly brewed coffee and enjoy!

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