Brew Guide: Espresso

For the perfect espresso you can’t beat our award winning Valentia. A 3 star Great Taste award winner this blend is “Supremely balanced, with the chocolatey, syrupy, kiwi, and blackberry notes all singing together in harmony.” - Great Taste Award Judges.

STEP 1 Using scales for the upmost accuracy measure out 18g of coffee and 36g of liquid espresso.

STEP 2 Ensure the coffee is distributed uniformly to guarantee a flat coffee bed.

STEP 3 Compress the bed of coffee, ensure to level the tamp, this is more crucial than the pressure.

STEP 4 Adjust your grind size to achieve the total beverage weight in roughly 30-35 seconds. The extraction duration is governed by the grind setting, so it's beneficial to experiment with this. As you grind finer, the extraction time increases.