How to make an Irish Coffee

This classic concoction is an ideal brew to wrap your fingers around on a chilly evening and serves as an ultimate accompaniment to your dessert course. All you’ll need is high-quality ingredients and a willingness to take your time to balance them just right.

Step 1: Start your journey to the best Irish coffee by first choosing your favourite coffee to brew - Pure Roast Coffee of course!

Step 2: Next, your choice of Irish whiskey is crucial we love Powers Irish Whisky. Pour your preferred quantity into a mug; for a classic Irish coffee, it is usually one shot - we use 2oz.

Step 3: Now, pour in your freshly brewed coffee and ensure the two elements blend together.

Step 4: Time for the crowning glory of every Irish coffee - the whipped cream. Gently pour in double cream until it settles neatly on top of the coffee mixture.

No need to wait until St Patrick’s Day, you can create your perfect version at home, at any time.

Sooooo Good! Enjoy!